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responsive design screens width consideration

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I just start working on a frontend side of a project and as usual I have to make it as responsive as it can be, so meanwhile dealing with @media screens I really got lost because of the variety of screens width,
the list is keep going but what I prepared my media for :

[1024, 1280,1360,1440,1600,1920,2048,2560,3840,…]

so my question for the front-end experts is : do you follow the list up?
or there’s better practice or a better way to get the job done?
and how about the gap between 2 different screens width (Ex: I noticed sometimes elements got ugly for example on 1500px screen width, I know there might not be a screen with that size but users can reduce the size of the window so that size can occur).

Thanks for your time.

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